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vBrownBag TechTalks at vForum Sydney 2014 with Pure Storage (ProfessionalVMware)

If you are going to be in Sydney for vForum then you should present a TechTalk, also you should attend the free VMDownUnderground pre warmup party the night before (you can register here).The TechTalk signup form is here, go ahead and sign up now.With under two weeks to go until the conference it is time to welcome our second sponsor. PureStorage are a new vBrownBag TechTalk sponsor at vForu...

September October 2014 Server and StorageIO Update Newsletter (StorageIOblog)

Hello and welcome to this joint September and October Server and StorageIO update newsletter. Since the August newsletter, things have been busy with a mix of behind the scenes projects, as well as other activities including several webinars, on-line along with in-person events in the US as well as Europe.

SSDs or disk? Buffer or cache? A closer look at tape-as-NAS options (Around the Storage Block Blog articles)

By Mark Fleischhauer, HP StoreEver Tape Storage Solutions Engineering Manager     Part 1: A closer look at tape-as-NAS - disks A few weeks ago I wrote about a new emerging architecture for long term data retention that combines FLash drives and tAPE called FLAPE. Flash drives, or solid-state drives (SSDs), offer better read-and-write operation performance, lower latency and lower powe...

Imagine this: Manage HP 3PAR StoreServ in your Windows Server environment (Around the Storage Block Blog articles)

By Parissa Mohamadi, Microsoft Solution Manager, HP Storage Marketing   It’s reality with HP StoreFront Manager for Microsoft! Have you ever dreamed of managing your HP 3PAR StoreServ with a single pane-of-glass view of all that is happening in your Microsoft Windows Server environment?   If so, HP StoreFront Manager for Microsoft has it all! It provides a comprehensive integration o...

Apptimized: APaaS for SaaS (The Virtualization Practice)

Apptimized is introducing Application Packaging as a Service (APaaS) for Software as a Service (SaaS) providers, which creates an innovative solution for application virtualization. For those who have been involved with virtualization for any length of time, it quickly becomes clear that applications are indeed the most complex part of this aspect of IT. In… Read more → Apptimized: A...

SSD Storage Closer to CPU – That’s Memory Channel Storage by Diablo Technologies for Next Gen VSAN (ESX Virtualization)

During this year’s VMworld in Barcelona 2014 I had an opportunity to be part of Tech Field Day Extra organized by Steven Fosket (@sfosket). It was my first Tech field day (hope not last one) and I was present together with other candidates on this presentation from Diablo Technologies. They’re working on Memory Channel Storage [...] Read the full post SSD Storage Closer to CPU –...

News: Once More into the Breach, My Friends: Oracle v. Google (The Virtualization Practice)

In a follow-up to my Oracle v. Google Java spat post—in which I reported that the appeals court has ruled in favour of Oracle, casting doubt on the whole automation industry and the use of Java APIs—it seems that Google has decided to take this to the US Supreme Court. The argument it has submitted… Read more → News: Once More into the Breach, My Friends: Oracle v. Google|The Vir...

I have seen the light! Why I now believe that non-persistent / shared images are doable for VDI (Brian Madden)

For the past five years or so, I've said again and again that I don't like non-persistent / shared / locked down images for VDI. In fact that was a core tenant of our 2012 book, The VDI Delusion. Why I didn't like persistent in the past If you go way...(read more)

Download VMware Remote Console 7.0 (Eric Sloof - NTPRO.NL)

VMware Remote Console provides console access and client device connection to VMs on a remote host. You will need to download this installer before you can launch the external VMRC application directly from a vSphere web client.Download VMware Remote Console 7.0

VMware Cisco EMC VCE Zen and now server storage I/O convergence (StorageIOblog)

In case you have not heard, the joint initiative (JV) founded in the fall of 2009 between Intel VMware Cisco and EMC called VCE had a change of ownership today. For those not familiar or who need a recap, VCE was created to create converged server, storage I/O networking hardware and software solutions combing technologies from its investors resulting in solutions called vBlocks.

VMworld 2014 Europe Day 3 Highlights (Eric Sloof - NTPRO.NL)

Can you believe it? VMworld Europe came to an end today, and while numerous tears were shed, Jeremy and Eric from VMworld TV soldiered on through the heartache. They've laughed, they've launched virtual machines, they met Simple Minds!

VMworld TV Day 2 Highlights (Eric Sloof - NTPRO.NL)

VMworld 2014 Europe Day 1 Highlights (Eric Sloof - NTPRO.NL)

What a day it was! Join Jeremy and Eric for the big rundown of all the day's great events. Virtual machines never looked this good!

Nutanix SCVMM + SMI-S Integration Demo Video (myvirtualcloud.net)

Earlier this week I published a video with the new Microsoft System Center Operations Manager Management Pack for Nutanix (here). Today, I am publishing a video demo with the new Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager integration with full support for the Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S). The integration into the Microsoft stack is deep and the first piece I want ...

CloudPhysics helps unearth some scary statistics in the Halloween spirit (VirtualizeTips)

Advertise here with BSAI have written about CloudPhysics in the past and I think the tool has some cool features. They continue to add features and think up new ways to use all the data they collect about your data center and compare to others. There are some scary things that can hide in your data center. The infographic below was pretty cool. The part that scared me was 22% of vSphere 5.5...

Multi-Machine Vagrant with YAML (blog.scottlowe.orgblog.scottlowe.org » )

In this post, I’ll describe a technique I found for simplifying the use of multi-machine Vagrantfiles by extracting configuration data into a separate YAML file. This technique is by no means something that I invented or created, so I can’t take any credit whatsoever; this is an idea I first saw here. I wanted to share it here in the hopes that it might prove useful to a larger audie...

The End of an Era: The End of Backup Exec (The Virtualization Practice)

It’s the end of an era: the end of Backup Exec. Symantec has released a notice that it will stop selling the Backup Exec 3600 appliance on January 5, 2015. When this topic caught my eye while I was reading the latest cloud computing news, I must admit the announcement brought on a feeling of… Read more → The End of an Era: The End of Backup Exec|The Virtualization Practice

Free ESXTOP vSphere Web Client Plugin – Get a copy at VMware Labs (ESX Virtualization)

Last week VMware Labs has released Free ESXTOP vSphere Web Client Plugin, which is very interesting Add-on for vSphere Web Client. After the full GUI based version of ESXtop client called Visual ESXTOP (based on Java) this version integrates directly into the vSphere Web Client. It’s easy to install but there are few limitations. It seems that [...] Read the full post Free ESXTOP vSphere...

Is Your Data Center Haunted (The Virtualization Practice)

Is your data center haunted? Watch out for zombie VM's, over-provisioned VM's, missing security patches and improperly configured HA. Read more → Is Your Data Center Haunted|The Virtualization Practice

Customers Share Their Secrets – UC Irvine (Around the Storage Block Blog articles)

I have been holding out on a couple customer videos I did at Nth Symposium.  I want to share one today.  And with all our recent talk about the 1TB of free StoreVirtual VSA, it's timely to share this video with you.    The University of California at Irvine has been a long time HP Storage customer. I met Kazuto Okayasu at Nth Symposium a few years ago and I've enjoyed talking...

Hello hyper-converged with HP StoreVirtual (Around the Storage Block Blog articles)

With VMworld Barcelona in full swing, I have some news to share today. HP is announcing a new hyper-converged solution, HP Converged System 200-HC StoreVirtual, that will help customers rapidly deploy virtualized environment like never before.    The hyper-converged CS 200 with StoreVirtual VSA is a virtualization platform that seamlessly combines compute and storage. It is designed t...

#vBrownBag DevOps Follow-Up Puppet with Jeremy Adams (ProfessionalVMware)

Jeremy Adams joins us to present the ProfessionalVMware.com #vBrownBag DevOps session on Puppet. Follow along in the homework to deploy the Puppet learning VM and see how you can create manifests to do things like patch systems for Heartbleed.VideoHomeworkOriginally published at http://ProfessionalVMware.com – Sign up for the live #vBrownBag broadcast at http://professionalvmware.com/brownbag...

What is coming for vSphere and VSAN? VMworld reveals… (Yellow Bricks)

I’ve been prepping a presentation for upcoming VMUGs, but wanted to also share this with my readers. The session is all about vSphere futures, what is coming soon? Before anyone says I am breaking NDA, I’ve harvested all of this info from public VMworld sessions. Except for the VSAN details, those were announced to the press at VMworld EMEA. Lets start with Virtual SAN… Th...

VMworld Europe 2014 General Session Wednesday Replay (VMGuru)

    The VMworld Europe 2014 General Session Wednesday Replay is now available in case you missed it. In this session VMware customers share their real-world success with President Carl Eschenbach, transforming their businesses with software-defined architectures and solutions. VMware’s CTO Ben Fathi and other VMware technology evangelists show just how today’s software-de...

Are the Cloud Bambies Waking Up to Enterprise Requirements? (The Virtualization Practice)

Google has delivered live migration in its Google Compute Engine cloud offering. Now comes word from Barb Darrow at Gigaom that Amazon is working on live migration as well. Is it possible that the cloud bambies are waking up to the fact that not all applications are stateless and that for many applications, shutting down… Read more → Are the Cloud Bambies Waking Up to Enterprise Requ...

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